The Ultimate Guide to Modern Swaddling

Infant swaddling is an age-old practice that has been documented as far back as the Paleolithic period.


Learning how to swaddle your baby is often taught to new parents in the hospital amidst the other mass amounts of newborn information being thrown their way, it’s no wonder why parents feel completely overwhelmed when they take their baby home for the first time. And, once parents get home they’re expected to recall all of this information, and for new parents, just changing diapers and nursing is a feat in and of itself.

So, where and how does swaddling fit in?


Swaddling is a choice parents make, but it can often fall to the wayside because it can be difficult to get right and even when it is perfected, you still worry about it coming unwrapped and compromising the safety of your new baby. At Snugglebees, we understand this concern and have worked to offer parents and caregivers an alternative option to traditional swaddling. Venture into modern swaddling in today’s post and learn more about our baby swaddle sack.


What is Swaddling?


As we touched on briefly above, swaddling is a wrapping technique used since the Paleolithic period and has reemerged in our modern times as a solution to better soothe and promote improved sleep in infants.


Why swaddle your baby?


People choose to swaddle their babies because it is thought that this snuggly wrapped blanket mimics the mother’s womb to give your baby a feeling of safety, warmth, and security.    


What are the benefits of swaddling?


Swaddling is thought to imitate the mother’s womb for a more peaceful and safe slumber. Below are just some of the benefits of swaddling.


More restful sleep.


If you’ve ever watched a baby sleep you’ve probably noticed how they jerk and move in their sleep. This movement — hypnagogic startles —  is completely normal but they may cause a disruption in your baby’s sleep and even cause them to wake up. Swaddling keeps your baby in a tight supine position that discourages these startle reflexes and encourages more restful sleep.


Added comfort and soothing.

Infants can easily become overstimulated and begin to fuss and cry out frustration, which is why swaddling them is a great method to better comfort and soothe them when this happens. Just as they like it when they sleep because it is similar to the environment of the womb, the same is true for when they are upset and overstimulated. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what they need because they’re not wet, hungry, or tired, try swaddling!


Reduction of SIDS


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), is an unexplained death of an infant typically during sleep in those that are less than one year old. The cause is unknown but there are preventative measures parents can take to prevent SIDS, and one of them is through swaddling. It’s important for a baby to sleep on their back for at least the first year of life, and a swaddle is one way to do this. When you tightly swaddle a baby, it keeps them compact and unable to move and roll around — so staying on their back isn’t an issue. It is always important to remember to place them only on their back and not their side or stomach, as this can cause suffocation.


Hip Dysplasia and Swaddling


There are a few risks that a parent can run into if they choose to swaddle their baby. It is important that during swaddling the baby is snuggly wrapped but not too tight. When the swaddle is too tight it directly affects your baby’s development, growth, and mobility because it is pressing on areas, specifically the hips, which can cause hip dysplasia.


The Snugglebees Difference


Because parents are so bombarded with new information, they may forego swaddling because it can be difficult to get right and it poses a safety concern if it comes unwrapped, which causes additional anxiety and worry in new parents.


Snugglebees is a wonderful swaddling alternative to traditional methods. With Snugglebees, our organic swaddle is safe and easy to use — you get the perfect swaddle every time! With a dual zipper that runs both from the top and the bottom, you are able to get your baby quickly in and out with fewer disruptions!


Are diaper changes an issue with a traditional swaddle? Oftentimes, the swaddle has to be undone and changed with the diaper — this is inconvenient and it will likely cause your baby to wake up if they’re sleeping. Our baby swaddle sack is a perfect solution to this — simply zip the swaddle half way up for an easy and effortless diaper change!


There are so many features to our baby sleep sack, to see the full list check out this page.


Swaddling is a method that has been practiced for a very long time. There are so many benefits to it and you get a leading swaddle that is safe and comforting every time when you choose Snugglebees .


For more information on our newborn baby swaddle, reach out and connect with us today.     





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