SnuggleBees Swaddle – Elephant print


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SnuggleBees Swaddle – Elephant print


Keep the peace (for everyone) and let your baby sleep! Find safe and comfortable slumber in our zip-up swaddle!


Getting a swaddle just right can be exhausting, and new parents need their sleep! Find an easy swaddle solution in our zip-up swaddle.


  • Easy to get right (the first time)
  • Effortless swaddle
  • Fewer disruptions to your baby
  • Adaptable to your lifestyle


The number one reason parents and caregivers don’t stay consistent with swaddling is because it is difficult to perfect. With Snugglebees easy swaddle, you get the perfect swaddle every time! Because of its effortless top-to-bottom dual zipper, there are fewer disruptions to your baby and it is adaptable to your on-the-go lifestyle.  


Color: Green and white

Pattern: Elephants


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