Are you Swaddling your Baby the Right Way?



As expectant and new parents, we all want a happy, secure and content baby who falls asleep easily, allowing us our much-needed rest in-between feeds and diaper changes.

However, more often than not, reality is vastly different, catching us by surprise when our baby is struggling to settle. We try everything to soothe our babies, yet hours pass and we still have a distressed baby and are no closer to finding the remedy.

Like most new parents we grab at our phones and frantically type “natural ways to soothe a crying baby”. To our relief, thousands of search results flood the screen with all sorts of advice, and the top sits the time-tested solution of swaddling.

But wait. The trouble is, are we swaddling the right way?

It looks simple enough, wrapping a swaddle blanket repeatedly around our baby until they look nicely nestled, but in our moments of searching for an instant remedy, we mustn’t forget the safety precautions to ensure a safely swaddled baby.

Swaddle Sacks Vs. Swaddle Blankets.

In order to decide how to swaddle we must first decide what we would like to swaddle with. With the increased awareness of the benefits of swaddling, we now have the choice of opting for a traditional swaddle blanket or the new swaddle sack.

In both instances, cotton should be your material of choice as it’s soft, breathable and will not irritate your baby’s delicate skin.

Whilst the swaddle blanket is versatile, it can be used as a burp cloth, a tummy time blanket, a nursing cover, a stroller cover, a changing table cover, and last but not least a swaddling blanket, it is however just a strip of cloth with a multipurpose design.

The organic cotton swaddle sack on the other hand has been created with one purpose in mind, to help your baby sleep sweetly and soundly.

It recreates the warmth and coziness of the womb and in turn helps our babies (and us) get a few extra hours sleep. With its hassle-free simple design, it is easy to use, and with its top-to-bottom-dual-zipper, we can easily move our babies from home to car seat or stroller without waking them.


Why Sleep Sacks are Safer for your Baby? Arms in Vs. Arms Out

Babies under three months should have their arms comfortably tucked into the swaddle with their hands placed over their hearts, this differs from past methods of swaddling where arms were placed at the baby’s sides.

New research has shown that the old method can ’cause joint problems and limits mobility’ therefore using a sleep sack is not only simple and handy but safe as a baby can be zipped into the sack instead of wrapped.

Babies over three months can sleep with their arms outside of the sleep sack as their startle reflex known as the Moro reflex subsides after a few months which reduces the chances of them waking themselves up.

Sleep sacks are also safer to use with babies that are beginning to roll over onto their sides and tummy. The freedom of arm and leg movement will help them to get themselves out of a roly poly situation.


Tight Vs. Loose Swaddles.

When we think of swaddling, we are overcome with traditional images of tightly swaddled babies. However, it is important to get the tightness of the swaddle right, allowing for plenty of leg room.

This is crucial to ‘allow natural movement of the legs’ and to prevent the risk of hip dysplasia which has been an issue with the traditional swaddle methods.

By incorporating a dual zipper, arm and leg openings, the SNOOZYBEES™ Zip-Up Swaddle has been professionally designed to allow for natural movement without disturbing your baby’s peaceful slumber.


Back is Best.

In order to follow safe swaddling practice, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that the baby should always be placed to sleep on their back.

The importance of this is crucial when swaddling to reduce the chances of SIDs in the first six months when its risk is highest.

Whether you chose to use a swaddle blanket or a sleep sack it is always safer to make sure your baby is put down to sleep on his back!


Why Your Baby Needs this Cushy Sleep Sack and not a Brand

When it comes to our babies, there is nothing we won’t do to ensure that our babies receive the very best. Yet in the same breath, we are caught up with brands and advertisements causing us to feel lost when trying to choose the most functional and highest quality items for our babies.

With big brands, we are often paying a LOT MORE to cover their marketing costs and pad their already fat wallets. Whereas we often find that many small brands (with passionate owners) actually put in more thoughts, care and research behind their products.

When considering buying a sleep sack for your new-born, consider its features and benefits first.

Best Material.

SNOOZYBEES™ cushy sleep sacks ensure that your baby has a comfortable and peaceful snooze.

They are made from organic cotton which is the best material to place on your baby’s delicate skin. It is silky soft, keeps your baby warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather. Not to mention, organic cotton is free from toxic chemicals and has been ethically grown and produced.

Big brands don’t always aim for the best materials or ethics, instead they pick the best marketing agencies.

SNOOZYBEES sleep sacks for newborns are not just made from soft long-lasting natural fabric, but they also come in a range of beautiful soothing colors and designs to pick from. Certain colors are known to soothe babies more than others.

Optimal Temperature.

With the sleep sack for babies and newborns it is easy to monitor, regulate and maintain your baby’s body temperature. 

The combination of arm and leg openings, the dual zipper, along with a breathable fabric ensures your baby’s comfort and reduces the chance of overheating, a common issue with the more traditional swaddles. 

Such a cushy sleep sack is easy to remove and doesn’t need tiresome raveling and unraveling to keep your baby comfortable.

No kicking off the Covers.

By opting for a cushy sleep sack, you are investing in a product that has been created by parents to remedy the flaws of branded products that often fall short of expectations and are painfully overpriced.

The SNOOZYBEES™ cushy sleep sack has been made to maintain freedom of movement. Meaning that your baby is able to safely move their legs without being restricted to a tight swaddle. A sleep sack is better for hip and joint movement and reduces the risk of SIDs.

They have enough space to accommodate their newborn startle reflex without waking themselves, and as such are more likely to sleep for longer periods.

Easy to Use Design.

You will not find a simpler yet more practical design in the market today than SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle . The easy zip up along with the arm and leg openings make it so easy to remove and place your baby inside the sleep sack.

The sleep sack for newborns will become an integral part of your day. It has been cleverly crafted to work when breastfeeding, and during diaper changes, meaning that your baby can fall straight back to sleep after a feed or change.

Best Solution for On-the-Go Parents.

The SNOOZYBEES™ sleep sack for babies and newborns is perfect for all parents, but especially fantastic for those leading a busy, on-the-go lifestyle.

The legs out arms out feature on the sleep sack for babies makes moving your baby from home to car or stroller a breeze in the park. Having this nifty feature allows your baby to sleep on whilst saving you some time when your baby stays asleep instead of waking up just as you’re about to leave the house.

When it comes to child safety, brand names should cease to matter. Instead, well-researched and proven products should take the reins, especially those created by parents alike who know exactly what will make your life easier with a newborn.  

7 Common Mistakes with Newborns you Must Avoid

It is hard adjusting to life with a newborn. We do everything to make sure the baby is happy, survive on very little sleep, and often have a busy schedule.

There is little time to think and process amidst the needs of our baby and so we succumb to common errors that make our lives harder rather than easier.

Below are the 7 Common Mistakes that we make when gifted with a newborn and tips on how to make our lives easier with a measured approach.

1. Believing Everything you Hear.

Inevitably, with a newborn, comes advice from all over the place. It seems everyone feels they must give you their input. Some of it will be useful but most of it will just overwhelm you and lead you to believe that you can’t cope.

There’s no one way to parent or raise a child because each one is so different from another, ultimately rendering all the advice from those nosey know-it-alls at the mall or grocery store useless.

The best advice you’ll receive is to just trust your instincts and consider the advice others give with a pinch of salt!

2. Not Equipping yourself with the Best Sleep Solutions.

These little angels can be a handful when it comes to sleeping

We already know that sleep is important when we have a baby. However, getting enough sleep with a newborn is so hard to come by in the early days so it is important to have a few sleep training methods up our sleeves.

To help you, try SNOOZYBEES™ baby sleep sacks which are made for comfort and are shown to help with sleep training your baby to have a few extra hours of sleep. This is achieved by recreating the feeling of the womb, and making them feel content and secure in a swaddle like sack. Not Burping the Baby Properly.

3. Not burping the baby properly

It is so easy to look at our milk drunk babies and feel apprehensive about waking them from their sleepy slumber. However, it is always worth burping your baby properly after a feed, even if it does, unfortunately, wake them up.

When well burped our babies are more likely to sleep for longer periods, and not wake up feeling uncomfortable with gas.

4. Thinking that you’ll get anywhere on time.

Prior to having children, we don’t exactly consider the implications that a child can have on our time keeping which can come as a shock if being on-time is your thing. (I went mad).

The organic cotton baby sleep sack can really add time to your day. It has been created with special leg openings that allows you to move your baby from crib to car seat or stroller without having to wake or unwrap them. 

This way we can get ourselves ready and move our babies easily whilst at least attempting to be on time. Forgetting that your Nutritional Needs Matter.

5. Forgetting that YOUR Nutritional Needs Matter.

Parents are so busy putting their newborn’s needs first, that we often forget to look after ourselves too. A healthy well-nourished mama usually equates a healthy baby.

Stock up on healthy snacks, fruits, and nutritious protein drinks and postnatal supplements to help support and fulfil your nutritional needs.

6. Forgetting that your Relationship is Important too.

It is crucial to the survival and happiness of any relationship to make quality time for each other. This is often made harder by the sudden change in dynamics when we have a small baby that needs us 24/7.

Try and allocate time when the baby sleeps to watch a film together, to catch up on each other’s day and just be present with one another.

The SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle baby Sleep Sack will help your baby sleep for longer periods of time which in turn gives you time with your significant other. Not Using your Babymoon Time.

7. Not Using your Babymoon Time.

After birth, we are so keen to get back on our feet and show the world that we are coping with a newborn that we don’t make full use of the first few baby moon weeks.

The babymoon should be used for resting and bonding with our babies, for having quiet time, to just be, and to heal both physically and emotionally. It is a time when family and friends should dote on and care for you.

As new parents, we must realize that once we are up and about, the time to sit quietly undisturbed will have passed. If you need extra support during this time consider hiring a postnatal doula who can help you become a confident and self-assured parent.

Finally, try and nap whenever possible, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and eat nutritious healthy meals and snacks.

What challenges did you come across? Or do you have any tips that can help new mothers?

The One Thing You Ought to Know about Great Baby Sleep

“When you or your baby becomes overtired, the body is stressed. Chemical changes then occur to fight the fatigue, and this interferes with the ability to easily fall asleep and stay asleep—that is, the baby gets a second wind.” – Marc Weissbluth

The words ‘sleepless’ and ‘new-mom’ almost go hand-in-hand. And that’s a concern. Because if we (mothers) are sleep deprived, chances are, our babies will battle to fall asleep and sleep shorter periods. As a result, they can struggle during waking hours due to lack of sleep.

Sometimes without realizing, we overlook the signs that lead to a tired, cranky baby who struggles to calmly fall asleep, instead he screams even when held and just can’t seem to settle peacefully.

We try everything, peaceful music, dim lighting, swaddle sleep sacks, holding, rocking, feeding… and yet he just seems to become more awake and more upset, instead of falling asleep. We can tell that he is after all tired and ready for a nap, so why won’t he just fall asleep?

The one thing about baby sleep that we ought to know and train ourselves on is making sure we know when our baby’s sleep time is approaching. We should be well prepared to catch our baby before the tears start and before signs of exhaustion creep in. This way, we are setting ourselves up for a happier, longer sleeping baby who has fallen asleep without complaint or resistance.

Why won’t my baby fall asleep when tired?

How-to-put your baby to sleep quickly

  • When your baby has already reached the point of overtiredness he struggles to relax and sleep. This is like us adults when we struggle to switch off despite being exhausted.
  • If our babies are wired before sleep, they will take longer to drift out calmly. Remember: a newborn will be overtired if they are awake for longer than 45 minutes to an hour in one stretch, and a 6-month-old if they are awake for more than a 2-hour stretch.  

What are the common signs of a tired baby?

Your baby will take his gaze away from any stimulation.

Your baby may yawn, hiccup or sneeze before becoming too tired.

Your baby may show signs that he wants to be held despite being content a few minutes earlier.

·        Your baby will rub eyes and touch her face.

You may notice character changes as he becomes tired, such as movement and agitation.

Tell me, how do I get my overtired baby to sleep?

  • Feed your baby until he is feeling calmer and drifting off.
  • Go for a walk with your baby around the block, you will feel calmer and your baby will often fall asleep from the movement. Use a swaddle sleep sack that is easily adaptable for home and stroller to limit the chances of waking your baby when you arrive home.
  • Wear your baby in a wrap or baby carrier. Just by being close to you, your baby should settle quickly, after which you can transfer him to his crib.

Benefits of getting your baby to sleep before he gets too tired

  • He will sleep for longer periods of time as he is calm and peaceful before falling asleep.
  • He will associate sleep as something positive if you set up a nice routine with his swaddle sleep sack before he gets overtired.
  • His overall levels of happiness will increase, and his stress hormones will be reduced.
  • Catching your baby before he gets too tired, will achieve a gentle sleep solution that will aid his fundamental brain development and growth.

And most importantly, a baby ‘who is not overtired will settle much easier and have better nights as well’.

It is beneficial for you and your baby to have a gentle baby sleep routine that starts before your baby becomes overtired. This way he will sleep for longer periods of time and decrease the chances of waking frequently. Meaning, that you will also gain more “you” time to enjoy in-between snoozes.

Wrap your baby in mum’s gentle touch

Creative ways to make your baby sleep even better

We often say “every child is different” when discussing or commenting on babies’ sleep patterns. We are taught that in order to thrive, babies need a lot of sleep, yet forums and groups are filled with daily pleas for answers surrounding the common questions “why won’t my baby sleep?” and “how do I get my baby to sleep longer?”.

There is constant comparison between parents about how much their babies sleep.

When our babies sleep less, we are subtly picked on by parents blessed with babies enjoying better, longer sleep. We take comfort in telling ourselves (and believing) ‘every baby is different’. They certainly are, in their own unique ways. But, there are some simple methods we can all use to help our babies sleep even better.  

According to The National Sleep Foundation and sites such as the Baby Centre, a newborn baby should typically sleep for a total of 14 to 17 hours in each 24-hour cycle. And that a baby between 4 and 11 months still needs 12 to 15 hours of total sleep a day.

(And you, Mama, need 8 hours altogether if you can).

It is then no wonder that parents all over the world are looking for creative sleep solutions to aid their baby’s sleep.

Use a cotton onesie and baby blanket.

As simple as it sounds, avoid buying synthetic clothes and blankets for your baby. This includes acrylic, polyester, rayon, acetate, and nylon for your baby, all of which are, according to Science Daily treated with a disturbing number of toxic chemicals, harmful to our sensitive babies.

Instead, opt for a breathable natural material such as cotton which will help keep your baby’s body temperature at an ideal level during sleep. For example, a cotton baby swaddle will cradle your baby comfortably, allowing for a relaxed and better sleep.

Don’t forget to check the material when investing in items such as; clothing, blankets, baby swaddles, and baby sleep bags.

Try Swaddling with a baby sleep bag.

The New SNOOZYBEES™ Swaddle Sack

If you’ve heard about swaddling and are keen to try it to help your baby sleep better, rest assured that gone are the days of a single baby swaddle method.

The creative baby sleep bags resolve the problem of a tricky baby swaddle which previously left parents wrapping their baby like a mummy with seemingly never-ending material.

Swaddling is highly beneficial for babies and infants of all ages, especially newborns still sporting the startle reflex that often shortens their nap.

As stated by The Baby Sleep Site, baby swaddling benefits include:

  • Reducing the chances of Moro reflex waking your baby from sleep
  • Increase in babies’ overall sleep time by recreating the womb environment
  • Mimicking touch which makes babies feel safer when asleep

Remember to check that you are swaddling your baby the right way.  

Baby massage.

Our babies enjoy a bit of spa treatment too. The benefits of massage are not limited to just the adult world, although it has recently gained more attention in the parenting world.

The production of further studies detailing the benefits, as well as baby massage classes have been set up by local members of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) to help babies and parents alike in gaining a more peaceful and improved lifestyle with their newborn.

According to IAIM some of the key benefits of baby massage can include:

  • Improved sleep patterns due to a reduction in stress hormones
  • Promoted sense of calm and happiness, thus more likely to calm themselves
  • Reduction in gas and colic which can cause discomfort and shorten a baby’s sleep time

Once your baby has received her relaxing massage and is dressed in pure cotton, she is ready for her baby swaddlesleep sack to drift off to a gentle slumber.

Baby care. Easy, hassle-free and fast. Sleep well.